What is Posture Alignment Therapy?

Like many people I had never heard of Egoscue until I met an Egoscue therapist who taught me how to help my body heal.  

Here are some resources that can explain the Egoscue Method:

"The site of the pain is rarely the source of the pain" - Pete Egoscue

The Egoscue Method® is the world leader in non-medical pain relief. Since 1971 and with over 25 clinics worldwide, The Egoscue Method has helped thousands of individuals tap into their body’s ability to heal itself and free themselves of chronic pain. This easy and gentle method has a 94% success rate without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation. We teach YOU how to regain control of your health without becoming dependent on another person or a machine.  Read more...

Dave from What The Friday goes to an Egoscue Clinic. Watch the video.

Patch Fitness:

     An obstacle course designed for athletes to improve posture, structural strength and build confidence. Last year I visited a course in Southern California.  There were some parts of the course that I was afraid to do but next time I won't be!  Below is a slide show of my visit.

     Here is an article with more information on Patch Fitness.