What to Expect from your treatment

On your first visit I’ll have you fill out a form giving me your health issues and highlighting your pain and the goals you want to set.  We’ll focus on your posture and find the root of your pain. 


Photographing your posture helps me to both diagnose the source of your pain and document your growth over time.  We will discuss your posture in comparison to the Egoscue University Blue Print of posture and go over the disparities we see in order to set goals.  


I will give you some functional tests so you can feel your own limitations.  Finally we will develop a custom exercise menu that I will train you to do.  You will be sent home with a print out of each exercise and you will have access to a video of each exercise through your cell phone or computer. 

1: Your first visit

2: Follow up visits

Each client is different depending on the amount of time between each visit.  Ideally, we would meet once a week, making sure you're understanding the exercise menu and keeping up with the routine.  It's important to remember that it's your job to heal yourself.  I can only give you the tools, you have to use them.

If it's been long enough between visits, I might want to

re-photograph the postures.  This would normally happen every second to fourth visit.  

We'll check how you've followed the routine.  We'll look at your previous pictures and compare them to your new posture.  Usually a change is visible quickly.  We'll then evaluate any changes and develop a new menu to work a different part of the body.  Eventually, you may have several menus that you can decide for yourself which exercises work best for any given week. It is important to stick to a menu and not mix and match, each "menu is arranged sequentially to address each component of a particular chronic pain symptom.  Therefore, you should do the menu in the order it is presented." (Pain Free, Pete Egoscue)

Each visit we might talk about the importance of having the right mindset to be able to heal yourself.  If you get it in your mind that you have to have surgery, this won't work for you.  Your body is rejuvenating daily, and can heal itself, we must feed it a healthy diet, exercise it and allow it to rest. 

3: The power to heal yourself

I will evaluate changes and develop new menus as your posture becomes alined.  When you have completed your visits with me, you will have several menus to work from.

Eventually you will get to the point where you don't need to come in to see me as often.  You'll have the tools and menus to be able to help yourself.  You'll be able to do things you weren't able to do before we started working together.  My goal is to help you reach your full potential without limitations and to be pain free.


At this point in your treatment, you will only come see me if you get injured and cannot fix yourself, or if you just need a little more motivation to help you along.